Burley High's assistant principal given state award

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BURLEY, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - A Magic Valley administrator is earning some recognition from the state of Idaho.

The Idaho Association of School Administrators named Andrew Wray the Assistant Principal of the Year.

Wray told KMVT he's been with Burley High for five years now.

"Someone nominated and they ask for information on your school, test scores, things you’ve done in the past, projects that you’ve worked on," he explained. "Then, they have a committee that goes through those and select someone from the state of Idaho."

Wray said receiving this award puts focus on the good the school is doing.

"Truly, it sounds cheesy. But there’s so many good things that go on here, between the teachers and the students and the administration," he continued. "Yes, I do enjoy getting recognized, but I can’t take the credit. There’s so many good things. I can start things, do things but really, the load is in the classroom with the teachers and the kids."

He said just five years ago, administrators switched positions, so he said winning the award is "a representation of what we built over the last five years."

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