Burley Junior High focusing on student wellness

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BURLEY, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Burley Junior High School has several programs focusing on student improvement, both at school and home. But for counselor Heather Leishman, she says there's one program that works best.

Counselor Heather Leishman says that the program that students seem to like the most is the SOS program. (KMVT)

“It's called sources of strength, and that one is a really neat program because it teaches our kids and our staff that as human beings we all have eight areas of strength," Leishman. "And we do activities throughout the year, pretty much monthly that helps the kids identify their strengths in the different areas."

Leishman said the kids seem to really enjoy the Sources of Strength program the most, because they talk about it so much.

“When we are actually have kids who come in individually, they've got something going on, having a bad day or a crisis of some sort, we revert to that a lot," Leishman said. "We're able to go back and say, 'Well, who are your positive friends, what are your healthy activities that you use to help you get through tough times.'"

The program won't just help the kids get through middle school, but the rest of their lives as well.

“Junior high is the time in their lives when they most need the scaffolding, so to speak, to help them learn those skills that are going to help them be successful in life,” Leishman said.

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