Business and industry leaders converge in Twin Falls

Principal Executive Officer of Angelous Economics located in Austin, TX speaks at the Site...
Principal Executive Officer of Angelous Economics located in Austin, TX speaks at the Site Selector Advisory Forum in Twin Falls.(KMVT)
Published: Aug. 2, 2019 at 5:36 PM MDT
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Business leaders converged at the Applied Technology and Innovation Center building on the College of Southern Idaho campus Friday, for the Site Selectors Forum.

It's a question and answer event sponsored by the Idaho Dairymen’s Association, Dairy West, the City of Twin Falls, as well as Twin Falls Area Chamber of Commerce and Southern Idaho Economic Development.

The event brought economic consultants and regional business leaders from across the country to discuss and share their insights regarding our region's strengths and areas for potential growth mainly in the food and beverage industry.

"We invited a group of real estate site selectors into our community to introduce them to the Southern Idaho product. And what we have to offer," said Twin Falls City Economic Development Director Nathan Murray. "These are gentleman who represent a large number of companies mainly in food and beverage, but they came from different geographies. We have gentleman from Texas and one From Atlanta."

The gentleman from Texas, Angelos Angelous, is the Principal Executive Officer of Angelos Economics in Austin.

"On behalf of all our colleagues here we really enjoyed our visit,” Angelous said. “You have a top level economic development team.”

Angelous as well as his colleagues shared their thoughts on what, makes the Twin Falls community and Southern Idaho as a whole different in terms of business development.

“You have one of the highest concentration of beverage manufacturers in the United States,” said Jay Garner, president of Garner Economics located in Atlanta. “We have a tool to measure that and you have one of the highest ratings in the United States.”

Both shared their thoughts on areas for opportunity within the community for further business development, and how our growing population will business in the future.

“I do believe that the area may be ready for an incubator and co-working space that would allow young people to meet like-minded people to learn new skills, to network, to innovate,” Angelous said.

“Your county population alone for Twin Falls County is 86,000 people,” Garner said. “But within a 45 minute drive time you have 150,000 people and that builds up your workforce.”

However the core message among visiting business leaders seemed to consist around the theme that the exceptional climate to do business in Southern Idaho has yet to be fully discovered.

"What I heard from them is that we have one of the best products in the country and we really just need to share this story," Murray said.

"I think people who live here may take it for granted," Garner said. "Because they don't see how people in places like other places across the United States wish they could be like Twin Falls."