CDC study shows high schoolers having less sex: Idaho among states seeing decrease

TWIN FALLS , Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Last week, the U.S. Center of Disease Control and Prevention reported that “fewer students are having sexual intercourse during the early years of high school” than in previous years.

The CDC analyzed the data from the National Youth Risk Behavior Survey that surveyed highs schoolers in 29 states during 2005-2015, and found a drop in sexual activity among ninth and 10th graders.

The data revealed Idaho to be one of the states that ninth and 10th graders are having less sex. Other states included Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina and Maine.

The report concluded the results of the study are "encouraging" and represent “positive changes” for high risk groups. Sexual activity decreased among black students in all grades and in Hispanic students in ninth, 10th and 12th grades.

The data revealed an overall decrease among all students in grades ninth through 12 from 46 percent to 41 percent; in males from 47 percent to 43 percent; in females from 45 percent to 39 percent; in black students from 68 percent to 48 percent; and in Hispanic students from 51 percent to 42 percent.

Although the CDC can’t attribute the findings to any “specific intervention” such as education, prevention seminars, funding or technology, Stanton Health Care Public Relations Director Nicki Kroese believes that evidence-based information plays an important factor in educating high school students about some risks of sexual intercourse.

“It’s good to see those declining numbers when you can get young people to make positive choices about whether or not to have sex, then you release them from other choices they may have, an unwanted pregnancy, or an unexpected STD,” Kroese said.

Kroese said Stanton Health Care offers healthy relationship classrooms to schools all around Twin Falls County.

“In reality, by the time they’re 15 to 16 they’re making their own choices, so we have to make sure that they are educated,” she said.

And while Kroese said she’s happy to hear the numbers declining in high schools, the Stanton Health Care received a CDC report that said the number of positive in STIs increased this quarter in Twin Falls County in the age 24 to 30 bracket.

“People really need to get tested because our numbers are now rivaling and passing the national statistic,” she said.

You can find the 2005-2015 CDC study here.

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