CSI Paramedic Students teach teen drivers how to stay safe in winter

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The CSI paramedic program is helping to educate teen drivers on how to protect themselves on the roads during the colder months with an emergency kit for their car.

The CSI paramedic students are teaching teen drivers how to stay safe if they got into a car accident. (Source: KMVT)

“What we are doing is we are going to different drivers education courses, and we are presenting to those classes a PowerPoint presentation and what those emergency kits look like,” said Michelle Rogers, one of the paramedic students.

The paramedic students are showing the teens what an emergency kit for their car should have in it.

“It’s got a first aid kit, a stop the bleed type tourniquet," Rogers said. "We’ve got a space blanket, water filtration system, some food, a knife, and duct tape."

Part of being an EMS student at CSI is reaching out to the community and helping people learn how to be safe.

“We actually try to do prevention of injury and accident, so we figured this would be a great idea of preventing death and car accidents,” said Rogers.

CSI hopes that by doing this for the drivers, they can help them survive a bad car accident.

“A lot of them have never driven themselves in the snow and so most accidents occur with new drivers, and we figure if we can get them to put them in their bags, it’s just the new generation of them keeping them in their cars, and then they can pass them on to their children and so on and so forth,” Rogers said.

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