CSI counselors talk mental health

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) October 10 is World Mental Health day and KMVT’s Rachel Fabbi took a look at the mental health problems facing students, and why it's a larger issue than most parents realize.

The American College Health Association surveyed 63,000 students, and found that 2 in 5 were ‘so depressed they struggled to function’, and 3 in 5 felt ‘overwhelming anxiety’.

College of Southern Idaho counselor Jeff Jewell said that he sees lots of students weekly.

"I see about 20 to 23 students a week, and that number is only increasing. And that doesn't even count what my colleague and my boss sees. As well as the three interns we have on the staff here,” Jewell explained.

The school provides free mental health services to students.

CSI counselor Jenn Zaccone explained what they look for.

"When we do diagnostic testing for depression, we'll often do anxiety as well, because they might not be presenting with depression. So they might think oh I have depression, but it’s really anxiety, or they might think I have anxiety, but it’s really depression,” Zaccone stated.

Jewell said the services they provide are an important part of schooling and life.

"It helps students learn skills about themselves and better understand how to manage symptoms of stress and various mental health issues they're experiencing,” Jewell explained.

When it comes to counseling, Zaccone recommends getting the right help.

"I would recommend getting help sooner rather than later. The earlier we figure it out, the better the end result will be,” Zaccone stated.

Jewell also said it's important to take the time to take care of yourself.

"People think that physical health is one of the most important aspects for their overall health. And although that's true, sometimes we forget to take care of our mental and emotional well being."