CSI class encourages the next generation of dispatchers

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The College of Southern Idaho is now offering dispatch classes to hopefully help teach people about dispatching before they get into the job field.

The classes are meant to give people a leg up when it comes to getting a job as a dispatcher (Source: KMVT).

“For me, it’s how much they do besides just take calls, they do a whole lot more,” said student Michelle Rehwalt. “They talk to the officers, they track everybody, and if the machines go down and they have to do it all by hand, it’s just incredible the stuff that they do.”

The College of Southern Idaho is opening the eyes of future dispatchers at their new dispatch classes.

“This class is actually designed to teach them the basics of 911 dispatching, more in terms of what opportunities are available, how to handle some of those stressful situations,” said Alex Wolford, a training coordinator at CSI. “We teach them what information they need to really be listening to and try to obtain, we’ve got live recall that they listen to in class, so that way they can understand the content prior to being hired into the position.”

The class is meant to give those students a leg up when it comes to getting a job.

“That’s kind of our goal, is just that they make sure they understand what they are getting themselves into, and how to calm themselves in the situation, and just do what needs to be done,” Wolford said.

One student in the class says she hopes to be a dispatcher once the class is over.

“I really enjoy helping people, I get a good satisfaction out of that, it will be a good experience, and it will be the start to a great career,” Rehwalt said.

They also hope that this will help combat the dispatching shortage that they have across the country.

“We need people to be able to help fill that, and manage the situations that are out there,” Wolford said.

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