CSI explains gun policy following incident at College of Idaho

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — After an incident involving a gun being drawn on a woman at the College of Idaho in Caldwell, KMVT’s Morgan Rumpf spoke with the College of Southern Idaho on its gun policies.

"There is no open carry allowed on campus, that's a violation of our policy," said CSI’s Director of Public Safety Jim Munn.

The College of Southern Idaho, like the state, allows an individual to conceal carry a weapon, but with limitations.

"If you have an enhanced conceal weapons permit or are law enforcement you can wear a concealed weapon on our college campus,” Munn said. “Except for specific buildings, being the Expo Center, Rec Center, gym and dormitories."

The exceptions apply to areas where large amounts of people gather, where a fire arm could cause a problem or incite fear.

"Buildings with over a certain occupancy load, prohibits the carrying of fire arms in those buildings," he said.

Munn is a retired police officer and is confident in the college's active shooter protocol.

"Our faculty, students and staff are trained at least annually on active shooter response and what to do in an event of an active shooter on campus," he said.

If you find yourself accidentally armed after arriving on campus there are options available.

"We recommend that they do not leave them in their car. Because there could always be the potential of a fire arm theft,” Munn said. "The security department does have a safe where we can check in fire arms here and you can check them in and out. We recommend people do, do that."

The CSI Campus Security officers are not armed, but the Twin Falls Police Department regularly patrols campus and they are in case of an emergency always call 911 first.

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