CSI harvests and composts pumpkins, giving back to nature

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - Halloween is over and the College of Southern Idaho harvests and composts the leftover pumpkins from the patch.

The horticulture students and staff at CSI bring those pumpkins along with other organics to the greenhouse.

Some of the harvest includes harvesting the pumpkin seeds and are used for next years patch.

"We plant about mid-May. May 15 is our last frost date so we stick around that date," said Assistant Horticulture Professor Chance Munns.

He said they collect unique pumpkins to replant next year.

"We allow them to cross-pollinate and so sometimes we get unique characters out of them and pumpkins are pretty prolific cross-pollinators," Munns said.

All the leftovers from harvesting, like pumpkin pulp, will be used for compost along with other organic matter from the farm.

"We pile it up into a great big pile and compost it each year," he said. "That gets reincorporated into the soil at the far for the U-Pick gardens, the community gardens and some of our fields. All that compost gets reapplied to those soils."

He said adding to the compost will help freshen the compost instead of just dry leaves.

CSI will be hosting their annual Harvest Time Festival at the CSI Expo Center from Nov. 10 to 12.

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