CSI launches programs for students who work full-time

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The College of Southern Idaho is now offering a new way for people who work to also take classes at the same time.

The weekend college plus program is for students who work and want to take classes in their free time (KMVT/Elizabeth Hadley).

Weekend College Plus is the newest program designed for people who have jobs during the day and also want to gain an education.

The program has classes on the weeknights, and weekends, and hybrid classes.

People can take classes in liberal arts, general business, education, accounting, bookkeeping, and welding.

"We want to do the best that we can to serve the members of our community, and we've realized that the nontraditional student is of a demographic or a student that we can serve better," said Kendal Nield, the head of the program.

The Applied Food Technology is also now offering a bachelor's degree for students who may already be working at different places in the region.

"The difference between a bachelor's that you are going to get here at College of Southern Idaho and maybe one that you would get at a traditional-type university is ours is applied, so that means that the skills you learn today in the classroom you can go and put them in place at the plant the next day," said Janna Hamlett, the head of the applied food technology program.

Both of these programs are designed for the working student, with hybrid classes, and night classes.

Both of these are also still open for students to join for the upcoming fall semester, which starts next week.

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