CSI names Jim Cartisser interim volleyball head coach

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — CSI President Jeff Fox, "it is my distinct honor and pleasure that Jim Cartisser has been named interim head coach."

It's been less than three weeks since his wife Heidi's passing, but the college felt this was the right direction for the program.

Heidi and Jim Cartisser spent every day together, a team, the dynamic duo who led teams to national glory.

They have five children together and for the past two and a half weeks, family and friends showered him and the kids with support.

Of course, the amount of visitors will taper off over time, but the memory of Heidi lives on.

"Midway through the season, Under Armour put signs up all around the gym, as you walk out the volleyball, you see a sign that says 'Build Something that Will Outlive You". Heidi didn't build the volleyball program. The team was already nationally ranked and won multiple national championships before we got here. But what she did, was she rebuilt it in her image," explained Cartisser.

Together they built a system.

"And it worked very well. Everything fit and Jim holds the key to that success. From the direction of the program, this is seamless transition in the high levels of expectation and commitment to quality both on the court, in the classroom and community under Jim's leadership will continue," CSI athletic director Joel Bate exclaimed.

Cartisser already began recruiting for next year. Three athletes have committed, including local product Kylie Baumert. The Twin Falls High School three-sport athlete will play both volleyball and softball.

For Cartisser, coaching a two-sport athlete at CSI will be first.

"Not a lot of kids get that opportunity, so I hope I can prove to them that I am a good risk and can get both jobs done," explained Kylie Baumert.

Cartisser said, "we've known her since she was little. I coached her when she was 11 or 12. She will just do fine."

Cartisser will maintain the title of interim head coach for the next few months.

The college has not hired any assistants at this time. However, the program in 2017 did feature two volunteer assistant coaches in Keri Coats and Babes Kalulu.


The College of Southern Idaho names Jim Cartisser as interim volleyball head coach.

The announcement was made Friday afternoon.

Cartissser, the husband of former head coach Heidi Cartisser, steps in as interim head coach after the unexpected death of his wife in December.

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