CSI offering construction program to meet Magic Valley housing boom

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - The College of Southern Idaho is planning to train those who are interested in the construction industry, as that business is booming.

Through this four-week program, they will be teaching construction math, blueprint reading and go through OSHA safety standards and be OSHA certified as well.

"Construction is a big need right now, especially with Idaho growing within the industry," said Alexandrea Wolford, the workforce training coordinator for CSI. "We’re not getting the students that are involved that we would like to see, so we’re going to bringing a training program that lasts for a good month. It’s in the evening so people can come and still work during the day. Then we’re going to hopefully get them a position to work in the workforce."

While the industry is booming in Twin Falls with the amount of businesses and homes being built, the college saw a need to provide this program.

"This is an incredibly rewarding industry and there's a lot of growth to be made, so we're hoping to bring people in to see this new possibility, " she said. "They're walking away with a training without any college debt whatsoever. They're hopefully going to be making $4 an average more."

Wolford said the college is always doing outreach within the community, seeing what the needs are and what jobs are in need of more workers.

There is a $45 fee for this class and the deadline to sign up is a week before the course starts on Feb. 25.

For more information, contact Wolford at 208-736-6344 or visit CSI's website.

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