CSI to have gender neutral bathrooms

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - The College of Southern Idaho went before the board of trustees Monday afternoon, asking to put up signs for gender neutral bathrooms.

The conversation of gender neutral bathrooms came up after a student approached school officials, saying they felt uncomfortable.

"We had a concern that was brought up by a student that they just didn't feel comfortable in gender specific bathrooms," said Jason Ostrowski, dean of students at the school.

He said the planning is in the early stages, but for now, they want to change the signs for the single stall bathrooms to make them gender neutral.

"We're trying to identify bathrooms on campus right now that are lockable, like one stall bathrooms that we can change the signage on, be more intentional about how we're being inclusive on campus," he said.

So that friends of Sherice Tatterson and Ian Hill can feel more comfortable.

"I have a very close friend who just complained about that, because they don't identify with the masculine, feminine binary, and so it's very complicated deciding which bathroom to use some days," said Tatterson.

Tatterson and Hill both feel like this move is very progressive.

"I think it would be a step in the right direction and it would allow for a lot more progress past this. Sort of an initial stepping stone," Hill said.

First, starting with the Twin Falls campus and then later, maybe other locations.

"I would hope that this would be more broad in extending to our other campuses," Ostrowski said.

So that students who are transgender or non-binary can feel a little more included.

"Really, if one student feels unsafe, I think that's one too many," said Ostrowski. "So, it's important that we engage in this conversation."

There are five single stall bathrooms on the Twin Falls campus and there are no set dates yet on when the signs will be changed.

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