Cadaver dogs smell scent in area where DeOrr Kunz disappeared

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(KIDK/KMVT) — The Lemhi County Sheriff's Office has temporarily closed an area where DeOrr Kunz Jr. went missing in the summer of 2015.

DeOrr Kunz Jr. (KIFI/KIDK)

Cadaver dogs gave a hard alert after a search in Leadore where DeOrr Kunz Jr. went missing. Due to environmental conditions, they were unable to continue the secondary search after the alert was given.

The sheriff's office says the closure will be in effect between Friday and Monday in the Timber Creek area.

“The National Center for Missing Children, what they do, their expertise, you know, that is out of my expertise, I'll be honest,” said private investigator David Marshburn, of Search For Me Foundation. “Yeah, I've dug up bodies and I've come up on bodies but in this situation it's a lot bigger than I've ever get involved in.”

During the week of June 8 is when Marshburn brought his two cadaver dogs to the Timber Creek Campground to search the area.

Kunz and his family were camping in the Leadore area, not far from the Montana border when he disappeared. No one has seen him since.

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