Camp Rainbow Gold secures a location in Camas County

FAIRFIELD, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Camp Rainbow Gold is a medical camp that allows sick or injured children to go to summer camp with other children who understand what they are going through.

Elizabeth Lizberg, the executive director of Camp Rainbow Gold explains the importance of medical camps for the state of Idaho.

After years of looking for the right place, they have finally secured one, in Fairfield at the Soldier Mountain Ranch and Country Club.

The camp is important for children who are sick because it makes them feel like a normal kid for a while, without all the stress of the doctor's appointments and hospital visits.

It's an opportunity for them to be around people that understand what they are going through without saying anything," said the executive director Elizabeth Lizberg. "It's a place of acceptance, it's a place of hope, it's a place of nurturing and of care and opportunity. It's really important in their healing process, it heals their souls."

They purchased the land this past spring, and are now in the remodel phase, to make it up to code for all the children to be able to come and enjoy a week in the summer.

They also have camps for family members of sick kids, and for siblings of sick kids.

"For Camp Rainbow Gold, we do have a family camp twice a year, and that is where the entire family gets to come up and camp. They spend four days enjoying each other and having fun. A cancer diagnosis does not just impact the child with cancer, it's the entire family," Lizberg said.

Camp Rainbow Gold had been renting out space north of Ketchum, but the demand was too high, so they needed to purchase their own land in Fairfield.

"We have been working on this project for many years to find a home that not only matches our capacity needs, but also our medical facility needs," Lizberg said.

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