Cassia County School District changes math curriculum after 10 years

Published: May. 1, 2019 at 8:35 PM MDT
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The Cassia County School District just changed its math curriculum after it's been the same for the last decade.

Tim Gunderson, the district's mathematics curriculum coordinator, said they just adopted the new program for their seventh to 12th grade.

"It has been a long time coming," he said.

The last time they changed the curriculum was around 2004.

"This was a first experience for many of us, our textbooks have become outdated, they were becoming irreparable in some ways," he explained.

The newer textbooks will also get students into the deeper thinking skills that they need to succeed in math.

"Take for instance if you're teaching a business math or consumer math, you need to have books that reflect current prices, it gives kids a good idea of what they're dealing with financially rather than older textbooks where gas is 92 cents a gallon," he explained.

Gunderson said last fall, they assembled a committee that included teachers from all their schools in the district. They looked at possible publishers of hardcover texts and online curriculum and had narrowed it down.

One misconception Gunderson has heard about mathematics was that the common core state standards had changed mathematics.

"The curriculum has remained the same, what has changed is that students are expected to know things when they leave a class and those are the standards. Common core state standards is not a curriculum, it’s not a teaching style. But it seems as though teachers are trying new techniques and it seems like new math and it’s just a different way to think abut things," he said. "A new curriculum will reflect those standards and present different teaching styles that teachers can use, trying to reach all students."

The newly updated textbooks will be given to those students this fall.

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