Cassia County School District tries new security system

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BURLEY, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - The Cassia County School District is testing a new security system called Raptor, where visitors have to scan their government ID for a visitors badge.

Cassia High School is the first school in their district to pilot the system.

"It gives us another layer of security where any visitors that come to our school, they bring their state-issued ID or federal ID, and they put it into the system and we're able to run a background check," said Todd Shumway, the principal of the school.

He said the system tells the school their guardianship status and if the visitor is on the sex offender registry.

"It basically helps us be able to clear who it is we're actually talking to that wants access to be able to come into our school," he said.

The school has been using it for the last month and Shumway said they've received positive feedback.

"So far every comment that we've gotten, they really appreciate that we've been adding in an extra layer of protection for the kids, and we're making sure that we know who's in the building at all times," Shumway said.

Before the security system, the school would clear visitors in advance with guests calling before coming in, Shumway said.

The school district's public information officer said their goal is to have the system in all schools in the district as soon as funds are available, but they have no specific timeline yet.

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