Cassia County recreation district seeks to expand boundaries in upcoming election

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BURLEY, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) In the Nov. 7 elections, about 130 Cassia County patrons have the option to approve or decline a recreation district annexation.

The measure gives the Pella and Parsons precincts the opportunity to become part of the Oregon Trail Recreation District, which currently serves Burley residents and a few surrounding county precincts. Only voters in those two precincts are allowed to vote. There are 88 voters in Pella and 39 in Parsons.

"So in our district we have a small area south of Burley that hasn't been in our district. And right now those kids when they come and participate in our sports, they have to pay an out of district fee," said Oregon Trail Recreation Center Chairman Clark Harman. "So if we bring that into the district they would be included in that. Then they wouldn't have to pay that. And it adds up. If a family has let's say four kids and they play two sports, they have to pay an extra $5 for every sport, per child. So that adds up quite quickly,”

For tax payers in the Burley district they already pay a $36 tax that goes toward recreational activities. This number will not go up for those already in the district it will only effect the two precincts that will be added if the annexation is passed.

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