Cassia High students job shadow veterinarians for four weeks

Published: Dec. 7, 2018 at 6:14 PM MST
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Students in a Cassia High School class are job shadowing several different positions within the veterinarian job profession.

Teacher Jaysa Fillmore said these students are in a small animal care class. The students had the option of choosing four of seven different locations to job shadow over the course of four weeks.

"I think it’s pretty fun. Gets you out in the community and you get to learn," said Paecen Lee, a student of the class.

On Thursday, three students from the class visited the Rupert Animal Clinic. Other locations included a rabbit farm, groomers and a wildlife rescue.

"What we do is let them observe of what they’re doing and let them experience some of the different activities," said Jeff Heines, a veterinarian at the Rupert Animal Clinic.

Heines had a cow who had a twine-type rope wrapped around her hoof.

"It’s a little crazy. That cow is a little crazy," Paecen told KMVT of the cow.

Paecen said he feels more comfortable learning outside of the classroom and being hands-on, rather than sitting in a classroom.

"I like to learn with it there in front of me, instead of having to imagine it being there in front of me," he said.

These are field trips that Heines likes to teach.

"Going through school, I had teachers that were willing to invest their time and their lives in us, the students. I think that was very formative, as far as where we went and what we do," he continued. "I just feel like it’s my obligation, if you will, responsibility and privilege to be able to repeat that with another generation."

While every student learns differently, Heines believes they won't know what they want to do in the future, unless they see it.

"There’s no way to know whether you want to do it as a job or a lifetime occupation or whether you have a passion with it unless you get involved with it," he said.

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