Cassia Schools sees low immunization rates, encourages families to vaccinate children

BURLEY, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Cassia County School District is crunching down and looking to keep immunizations records up to date.

Laurie Stimpson is a nurse with the district and said at least three of their schools have low immunization rates.

"When I started this fall, we have a state immunization report that's due and some of those were less than 50 percent vaccinated," Stimpson said.

Stimpson said there's about 5,600 students and a student's health is their priority.

"The state has us report kindergarten, first grade, and seventh grade and we look at those specifically and that state report is due in November," Stimpson said. "It's not just those grades, we need to follow through and that's what we're doing through out the school year is we are checking to make sure everybody is vaccinated."

While the number was discouraging for Stimpson to see, she said they made it their effort to educate and encourage parents why children should get vaccinated, specifically how some can help prevent illnesses such as the measles or the flu.

"A lot of these illnesses are preventable," she said. "They can cause harm and life-long complications and so we want our kids to get vaccinated."

As parent and nurse aims, Stimpson aims to raise awareness on immunization.

"If we lose one child to a death to one of these childhood illnesses that could of been prevented, it's a tragedy. I just want the public to be aware. Check the CDC's website, check with your local health department and your family physicians to get the correct information on vaccines," Stimpson explained.

Stimpson added with their efforts to notify parents about immunizations, the schools with low rates have been steadily on the rise.

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