Checking up: annual health fair provides discounted screenings

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GOODING, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Dr. Haroon Rashid spent his morning taking people's blood pressure at the North Canyon Medical Center Health Fair.

"What we're trying to do is raise awareness so they can get early screenings from their doctors and we of course are happy to provide that as well here at the magic valley kidney," said Rashid, a nephrologist.

This is the eighteenth annual health fair. In addition to booths like Rashid's anyone could come and get blood work done for prices ranging from fifteen to $35.

"It's just a fabulous opportunity for community members to get some low price lab work. Which gives them an overall perspective of the health of their body," said Shellie Amundson, director of community relations for North Canyon Medical Center

This is one of the medical centers newest machines, the Accuvein. It helps find veins quicker for blood work and IV's and was something the medical center wanted to show to the public.

"We want our patients to feel that they're cared for that they're going to be not treated as a pin cushion," said Omar Leija, a certified medical assistant in the emergency room of the North Canyon Medical Center.

Organizers say the free tests as well as the discounted blood work helps community members each time the fair is held.

"What we're finding every year is this blood work is catching a lot of conditions that people don't know they have and so on an absolute annual basis we're seeing lives changed and absolutely changing lives," Amundson said.

And for some of the vendors, that's exactly what they want to help with.

"I like to see people get better. I like to get them early enough that we can avoid the damages and ravages of kidney failure and diabetes," Rashid said.

The discounted blood work will also be done by north canyon medical center on Monday in Wendell and Tuesday in Hagerman.

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