Child rehab allows kids a chance to improve quality of life

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Kids of all ages may visit the child rehab facility on Addison to help them live a more normal life.

As children grow and face new developing conditions like autism, ADHD or cerebral palsy, time spent with a therapist can help them improve motor skills or even become more independent.

Through the use of bright colored and festive toys or tools, clinicians are able to enhance a child’s quality of life.

Each rehabilitation program is geared for a specific kids needs and goals often times bettering their performance in school or at home.

“We incorporate things like the swing and we incorporate balls, we do play skills, we carry things around,” said Sonya Sawyer, Pediatric Physical Therapist. “We roll over the balls, we do somersaults, we swing on a trapeze. We do things that are fun but we target those skills for things that we're asking them to do and that they need to work on. Some kids we're teaching them how to walk, other kids we're just helping them to not fall all of the time. Some kids we're helping them to be more coordinated.”

Patients are eligible for the child rehab facility through a referral from their primary care physician.

Most kids are on a weekly program to keep them progressing as they continue to grow and develop.

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