Chip sealing roadways begins in Twin Falls

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - You may experience some traffic delays due to chip sealing in Twin Falls.

Crews worked on Park View and the Canyon Rim Road Monday and that's only the beginning of a list of streets they plan to cover this month.

City officials advise you to refrain from parking on streets during the day that they plan to chip seal or else your car will be towed.

"It's not being impounded or anything," said Lei Loni Keele, a flagger for the city. "It's just being taken around the corner so we can get the road done and get everything done as quickly as possible and not worry about getting the fresh oil or spraying your car with rocks or anything like that."

Also, plan to take another route if possible to help speed the process.

"If you live right where we're working, as long as its not fresh oil or anything like that, we usually can get you through there," Keele added. "Just be patient with us and we'll be patient with you and a little bit of kindness goes a long way."

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