Chobani grants money to Magic Valley community organizations

HAGERMAN, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Chobani gave $200,000 to local community organizations for their Community Impact Funds Grant.

Chobani Community Impact Grants gave money to Hagerman High School Ag Food Science Class.

Hagerman High School is one of the recipients of grant. They will get $45,993 over the course of three years.

“Chobani, we really have to thank them, so much, it’s really going to help us and we needed that money,” said Kirt Martin, the food science teacher.

The money that the Agriculture food science class gets will be used to help purchase new equipment for their classroom.

“The money will be used to help run our facility, we are going to buy more camera equipment, filming is very important to our students, and they have a YouTube channel.” Martin said.

They share the recipes and process on their YouTube channel.
The Ag food science program is only in its second year at Hagerman High.

“A popular thing you hear now a days is farm to fork, so the kids learn the whole how this product began and all the way to the point of consuming, and then packaging, and they understand the whole process of agriculture from start to finish,” said Daniel Knapp, the agriculture teacher.

Both Knapp and Martin say the class will give them a leg up if they want to get a job in food science or agriculture after high school.

“It’s giving them a real shot at what food manufacturing is, it’s huge in this valley, it’s giving them a huge leg up when it comes to getting a job if they so choose, or it’s teaching them life skills,” Martin said.

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