Chobani sends yogurt to Houston, 'They need food'

Published: Aug. 30, 2017 at 4:12 PM MDT
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Employees at the Chobani factory in Norwich, New York, spent their Wednesday morning packing trucks to send to Houston.

“We're a food company, and we have so many homeless evacuees right now who need supplies,” said Alyson Outen, a spokeswoman for Chobani. “They need food, not only for right now, but in the future.”

The workers loaded up just one round of donations on Wednesday. They’ll keep doing this over the next few weeks.

In total, they’ll send down more than 300,000 yogurts.

“Giving back is really a founding principle of Chobani,” Outen said, “and not just in the communities where we work and live, but for communities in need, and there are a lot of communities in need right now.”

The company said it’s not just the culture of the workplace, but of the workers.

After Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas and again in Louisiana, Chobani workers said they knew they wanted to make a difference.

“When there's a crisis at a national level, we immediately hear from our Chobani employees,” Outen said. “They want to know what the company's doing to give back and what they as individuals can do to help.”

In addition to the yogurt, they’re donating to the charity Save the Children.

Every dollar an employee gives, the company will match.

“Hopefully this is the beginning of a long effort to give back to people who need our help,” Outen said.