Circus canceled in Gooding after mix-up

GOODING, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Residents, businesses, and even several school districts in the Magic Valley received flyers and tickets advertising a "King Cole Circus" at the Shu-Fly Arena in Gooding, Idaho on March 30. However, one of the many problems was the property owner and circus company never agreed on the contract. Stan Born, the owner of the Shu-Fly, says the tickets were a surprise to him. On Tuesday he learned about the tickets through his wife who works at a Gooding school.

"They received a bunch of tickets for this circus, and she says I thought we weren't going to do it, and I said we aren't," Born says. "And she say's well they're sending tickets."

Born says he did discuss the proposition of hosting their circus at his property, however he ultimately decided against it due to their requirements for their show exceeding what he could adequately provide.

"I thought about this until they kept emailing me back and then when they came up with a contract I thought this must be pretty real, and that's when I just couldn't do it," Born says. "Dressing rooms for the acrobatics, I don't have dressing rooms here."

Born says that although a contract was sent to him, he never signed it.

"No I never signed it, sent it in, nothing," Born says.

He went on to express how the whole ordeal had been confusing, and he was most disappointed in the fact children and families in the community were cut short of a circus.

"It is confusing and I'm sad that it had to come to it," Born says. "I know there were families and a lot of kids that couldn't do it, because I just couldn't do it."

KMVT did reach out to King Cole Circus via phone and email several times on Tuesday, but were unable to reach comment from anyone other than their secretary at the time. KMVT was told individuals who purchased tickets for the now canceled event at the Shu-Fly Arena can expect a refund, but may want to hold on to their tickets if a new venue for the circus is found. On the King Cole website an event scheduled for March 30 in Gooding, Idaho is still listed, but an exact location is not listed.

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