Citizen's Police Academy shows what it takes to be an officer

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) From SWAT team classes to drug detection classes, the Citizen’s Police Academy teaches citizen’s all that it takes to be a police officer.

The citizen's police academy teaches people all that it takes to be an officer (KMVT/Elizabeth Hadley)

"Which basically gives them the chance to go through some decision making skills of scenarios that an officer might do," said Det. Aaron Nay. "What we are hoping to do is show them what can happen with our officers, and how scenarios might escalate quickly."

The class is hosted by the Twin Falls Police Department. It is free and open to anyone, and many leave the class with a greater understanding for what police officers do.

"To give our citizen’s a positive experience, so they can go out and then share it with other community members," said volunteer Jessica Minor. "Let people see what the police do, and how stressful and difficult their job is."

At Wednesday night’s class, students were participating in a shooting simulation.

"It’s where you interact with a screen with a bad guy and you have to make some really quick decision on how to react or not, it’s extremely stressful," Minor said.

Nay says that he hopes the students learn just how much goes into being in the law enforcement.

"Just to have that perspective of what we do, because we deal with people and it’s something that is ever-changing, and never has something set in stone," Ney said. "So that’ what people are interested in it, just how much it evolves, and how unpredictable people are and that’s why people are interested in it."

The class has been running for the past five years from the end of August until the end of October.

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