Hailey welcomes new mayor and city council members

HAILEY, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The city of Hailey held a special city council meeting Friday night to say goodbye to Mayor Fritz Haemmerle and say hello to their newest mayor Martha Burke.

Now former mayor Fritz Haemmerlee passed the torch to Martha Burke who has been on city council for 26 years… but he couldn’t leave without offering some advice for the future.

Now former Mayor Haemmerlee passed the torch to Martha Burke, who has been on City Council for 26 yeas, but he couldn’t leave without offering some advice for the future.

“You have to be courageous," he said. "You need courage to do this job, people will blog about you, they will hate you, they will think you are corrupt, and they are cowards."

He reminds the council that the job isn’t about them, it’s about the city and the community of Hailey.

“My advice is for the people who come and sit on this chair is it’s not all about you, in fact, almost none of it is about you," Haemmerlee said.

After Burke took the oath, she swore in two new members of the

“You’re newly elected council members, Sam Linnet, and Juan Martinez, who will be serving you for the next four years, together we will be a team, a family and every moment will make Hailey great to the best of our ability,” Burke said.

The community came together to support and celebrate all that the city has done, and remember how far they have to go.

"The city of Hailey is an exceptional place to live,” said Sam Linnet. "Today is I think mostly about celebrating where the city is at, and looking ahead, and with that in mind, I think the outgoing mayor and city councilors deserve an enormous amount of credit for the work they have done to put us in this spot.”

The meeting was concluded with a party at The Mint to remember the city council members and Haemmerlee.

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