City of Ketchum's Public Works Director receives national recognition

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KETCHUM, Idaho ( KMVT / KSVT ) - The Public Works Director and City Engineer for the City of Ketchum is receiving national recognition for her work.

Robyn Mattison is one of 14 young professionals recently highlighted in an industry publication, “Water and Wastewater Digest.”

Mattison has been instrumental in securing almost $56,000 in grants for the city.

The grants are funding a transportation study and improved public access to the Big Wood River.

“I feel really good about helping the public out with my water projects, the wastewater projects, a lot of the public infrastructure that people use every day. I feel good about myself for helping develop those facilities and making it easier for the public every single day,” said Robyn Mattison, Ketchum Public Works Director and City Engineer.

Under Mattison’s leadership, the city and Sun Valley Water and Sewer District received permission to use reclaimed wastewater to irrigate a golf course in Sun Valley.

She hopes her work will inspire other girls to become engineers.

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