City of Kimberly proposes own waste water plant

Published: Jul. 22, 2015 at 3:29 PM MDT
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The City of Kimberly is proposing improvements for its waste water system.

A 28 million dollar bond to be approved by voters come November 3rd.

As of now, the city collects waste water and sends it to Twin Falls,

Currently it’s a system that violates permit limits and will only continue to do so as Kimberly continues to grow.

In addition to the violations, Kimberly's sewage collection is old and in need of replacement.

The budget projection so far includes new sewage pipes, the cost of land acquisition, and of course a new treatment facility.

Rob Wright, Community Development Director, explains the City of Kimberly's mindset,

Rob Wright, Community Development Director.

"As we continue to grow, and Twin continues to grow, and these costs escalate considerably, with environmental requirements and treating these wastes, it makes sense that the community starts taking care of some of what we're discharging.

So that's kind of the direction we're going."

The city encourages all voters to give input now as they continue to develop the waste water treatment proposal.

If you want to contribute to the process head to