City of Kimberly takes steps to keep K9 Riggs safe

KIMBERLY, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The City of Kimberly is taking an extra step to protect a vital member of their police department. He has four legs, a wet nose and his name is Riggs.

On top of sniffing for drugs and apprehending a subject, Riggs is a member of the family.

On top of sniffing for drugs and apprehending a subject, Riggs is a member of the family.

“He’s a living breathing, individual, he’s my partner, he’s someone I’ve had since 4 months old,” said Sgt. Alex Arrington with the Kimberly-Hansen Police Department. “On literally his four month birthday, I picked him up and had him ever since.”

And now, Riggs will be protected with a special K9 vest, shielding him while he’s working.

“This vest is different from other vests because it covers basically every vital organ on the sides and also on the front,” said Sgt. Arrington. "The vest will protect him from bullets and stab wounds."

The police department acquired the vest through a grant.

“A lot of the K9’s whether they are single purpose or dual purpose, we are putting them in environments where people have weapons, emotions are high, and sometimes people don’t make the best decisions. So when we go into work and put on our vests and put all our tools on, this is just another thing that we can give the K9’s, just another added protection for them,” Sgt. Arrington said.

He has sniffed out drugs, found subjects and been a wonderful resource for the department, which is why they wanted the vest to keep him safe.

“They are a resource that I don’t think we could duplicate with technology, they are one of those things that has evolved as nature has allowed and we are just taking advantage of their skills and abilities."

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