Twin Falls begins Shoshone Street restriping project

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - If you're driving down Shoshone Street in Twin Falls within the next couple of months, you may notice some roadwork, as the city is about to restripe the street.

Public Works Director Jon Caton said City Council approved the motion and dates to restripe Shoshone Street along with taking away parking on the road.

He said the lanes as they are now, made it a little hard for motorists to follow.

"With that transition and the taper, we recognized it was kind of tough to figure out, especially if you’re new to town and we understand that it was hard to navigate if you were in a semi-truck or next to a semi," Caton explained.

The striping was done because they added some new left-hand signals. He said City Council didn't want to get rid of parking on that road, but that made it a little harder.

However, now, City Council did approve or removing parking so the street will be turned into five lanes with one center lane.

"As part of that project, we’re going to replace some curb and gutter and some ADA ramps at the corners. All of that work, the concrete work, should be done by the end of the month," Caton said.

Once they finish that by May 30, Caton said they will stop for Western Days, and then go back to restriping the roads.

"Traffic will be impacted. We’ll probably build it half at a time, so we’ll still allow traffic both ways," Caton said.

He said they will be removing the asphalt pavement so the new stripes will look fresh and new, and the old ones will no longer be there.

They hope to finish the project by July 4.

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