City of Twin Falls expected to be considered metropolitan area after 2020 census

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) While the upcoming 2020 census, comes with it's own unique aspects, it will likely have a unique impact on the City of Twin Falls.

"For us the 2020 census is going to be interesting because it's expected that we will go over that 50,000 population threshold, which gets us designated as a metropolitan area as opposed to a smaller rural community in the country." Twin Falls City Mayor, Shawn Barigar said.

With more people comes more need, which makes the 2020 census all the more important.

"That will bring with it a whole new list of requirements and obligations as well as different pots of money that we can tap at the federal level to assist with those," Barigar said.

Congressional and state legislative seats are apportioned based on census data, which also determines how up to

"Those are things like we hear about all the time like public transportation," Barigar said. "Potential ways that we deal with wastewater in our community."

But what's perhaps garnered the most attention in regards to the upcoming census, is the possibility a citizenship question may be asked of census participants. It's a question several U.S. district court judges have ruled unlawful, and a question some believe will lessen the Census Bureau's ability to conduct an accurate head count of U.S. persons because it makes a growing U.S. immigrant population less likely to respond.

"I don't have a strong opinion one way or another on whether the question is on there," Barigar said. "But if it does have the influence that could give an inaccurate representation on the census count, than that's an important issue"

Whether or not the citizenship question will be included in the 2020 census, is in the hands of the Supreme Court. So, while your local leaders obviously don't have a vote on the Supreme Court, don't be surprised to see them more focused in outreach efforts to ensure they're able to obtain an accurate head count in their communities.

"We need to make sure that number is solid and that's it's helping to drive our political representation in government as well as those resources that comes as a function of that number ," Barigar said.

The Census Bureau is asking the Supreme Court to rule on the issue by June, in order for preparations for the upcoming count to remain on schedule. Households are expected to receive an invitation to participate in the census, and you can respond via internet, phone, or email.

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