City of Twin Falls tries small trash cart pilot program

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - There might be some smaller trash bins on the streets near residential areas in Twin Falls.

The city began its next stage of a pilot program for smaller trash bins.

"The pilot program is an effort by the city to provide lower cost garbage carts, smaller sized, to citizens who aren't filling their 95 gallon carts," said Bill Baxter, the city's utility services supervisor.

Working with PSI, the city provided two different cart sizes, 65 gallon and 25 gallons, for those who don't throw out as much trash and recycle more.

"The pilot program, we're doing some testing in some areas of the city. We're just now starting in the northwest part of the city," he said.

Those who are in the pilot program right now were chosen because they already recycle often.

The costs of the smaller bins are cheaper than the normal 95 gallon bin that most residents have now.

"It's about $7.50 for the service for the 35 gallons, versus $17.62 for the full service (95 gallon), and it's around $13.50 for the 65 gallon cart," he said, adding that the prices may change after the new budget year.

If all goes well and those in the program accept it, the city may expand it to the rest of the residents.

"We're looking at the latter part of the fall into the winter," he said.

Baxter said they're trying to encourage residents to recycle and do so without contaminating the loads.

If you're interested in the program, contact PSI or the city.

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