City pool warns of safety during busy summer months

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) This time of year, the Twin Falls City pool is hopping.

“That 10 or 15 minutes after you put that sunscreen on is very important,” said Melanie Gonzales, cancer education coordinator.

Sunscreen needs time to absorb into the skin, no matter the brand or application method of the sunscreen. People will want to lather it on thick and make sure to re-apply every so often.

“It is important to get out of the sun,” said John Pauley, aquatics director. “If you’re not wanting to be in the sun or wanting a little break from the sun.”

New amenities this year make the city pool a hot spot for residents, like The Tower.

"That’s in on every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoon,” Pauley said. “Kids love it. There’s a slide going off the back and they can jump off the side of it. It’s been a very popular attraction."

Tripp Family Medicine and the South Central Public Health District is also providing tents and canopies to offer shade for those who aren’t swimming, while St. Luke’s is providing sunscreen dispensers to ensure everyone is protected.

“That puts the higher risk of having all of those signs of sun exposure,” Gonzales said. “The wrinkles, the spots, the burns and then potentially skin cancer.”

But many of the rules remain the same. Most importantly, no running. Surfaces are slippery.

“We will get to them and we will save them, but also we don’t want a traumatic experience,” Pauley said. “We want parents to be with their kids, engaged with their kids, because that’s what summer is all about, having fun.”

And while lifeguards are on duty, it’s a parent’s job to keep an eye on their child or for siblings to look after the younger ones.

“Because the most dangerous part of a pool is actually three or four feet of water,” Pauley said.

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