City seeks public input to improve commute

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - The city of Twin Falls continued their discussion on updating the master transportation master plan.

"We're discussing possibilities," explained City Engineer Jackie Fields. "Should all sidewalks be separate? Are there intersections that are difficult to negotiate?"

Focusing on areas of growth, these were among topics up for discussion in revising the plan on Monday.

"The plan evaluates current functionality of transportation system in the city and evaluates projected forecast traffic 20 years out," said Rob Science of Civil Science, the consulting firm.

One item up for debate included potentially adding more bike lanes, which could mean no street parking on arterial and collector roads.

"All roads within our community should be designed with the expectation that there will be bicycles and bicyclists on the road," stated board member Sarah Harris.

City Manager Travis Rothweiler agreed, but added, "That doesn't necessarily mean, in my opinion, that bicyclists should be riding on every single road."

They also talked about potentially changing turn bays, evaluated widths of the roads and maybe adding raised medians to some.

"Put a raise in median, blocking access, taking away the center lane for business — bad idea! I think that's going to hurt business," said another board member.

In the early stages of the process, they are still seeking public comment. You can voice them through their survey here.

"Our timeline right now is to come out with a draft plan as soon as November and gather the comments and finalize that plan in December," said Ramsey.

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