Twin Falls sees big uptick with single-family home building permits

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - It's not a lie that Twin Falls is growing. The city has been inundated with more building permits for single-family homes.

Home under construction in Twin Falls (KMVT/Elenee Dao).

"We're seeing an increase in single-family dwelling permits," said Jarrod Bordi, a building official with the city.

In a neighborhood east of Twin Falls near Filer Avenue, there were at least more than three homes being built at the same time Tuesday afternoon.

"The total last year, we issued 243 for the entire year," Bordi said of issuing building permits.

That is also the number for a fiscal year starting Oct. 1 to Sept. 30.

"We've already issued 242 through June this year," Bordi said.

So, they believe they'll be breaking the record with still months left in the fiscal calendar.

"Last year we saw a huge uptick in multi-family dwellings and we're starting to see that come in again this year. So, I fully anticipate more multi-family dwelling and single-family dwelling again this year," Bordi said.

For Kanner Creek Custom Homes, they've been seeing the demand as well.

"We've started 17 houses this year, currently. My goal is for 30 houses," said LeRoy Harcourt, the owner of the custom homes business.

That is 30 homes for the entire year, as opposed to the city's fiscal calendar.

"With us just being custom home builders, every house is different to the homeowner's needs," he said. "We're not volume builders, but 30 custom homes, it's a pretty good sized market for what we try to get at."

Those who are buying newly built homes are shelling out more money.

"They still want very nice amenities and they'll come in with a large budget and say I want everything to the nines and it's really hard to get there from here because of the increase in costs and land costs," Harcourt said.

However, it's still a luxury some homeowners would like, and he said it should not deter people from wanting to build a custom home to fit their needs.

"We have a lot of people moving from California, Utah, Nevada, all the surrounding states to come to Twin Falls. I mean, it's kind of like a hidden gem," he said.

Bordi added that they have been seeing a lot of people requesting permits to do remodels and additions to their homes.

"A lot of people (are) upgrading their houses where they’re at. Happy where they’re at, but they want to update and people looking to increase capacity of square footage," he said.

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