City working on enhancing past downtown businesses

Published: Jul. 18, 2017 at 6:26 PM MDT
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Work on Main Avenue right now is just the beginning of plans for downtown Twin Falls. The next step: housing.

"Then it becomes a true 24-hour neighborhood where people are living and playing and shopping and so forth," said Nathan Murray, economic development director for the city.

Not just within areas currently in the works, but even past it.

"Certainly, if we had a magic wand, we'd wave it and we'd love to develop more. But it's in the hands of the private property owners and we respect that," Murray added.

Officials actively pursue developers to pique their interest in the downtown area and provide utility upgrades to make things more feasible.

"We're starting to see some interest from developers in Boise and Sun Valley who want to provide the housing component in and around the downtown. Maybe to multi-family in our warehouse district or in an upper level on Main [Avenue]," he continued.

Although downtown living may not be for everyone, Murray believes a younger crop of people look to be near the center of town.

But the city can only do so much to revitalize surrounding neighborhoods. More people must invest in home-ownership.

"I'm hoping they're getting the signal that now is the time to invest and prove their lots and do what they can to kind of help build on the momentum," he said.