CSI offers mentorship program to keep teachers from leaving state

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(KMVT/KSVT) — More than 1,000 teachers leave Idaho classrooms each year for reasons other than retirement. That number comes from the 2018 Teacher Pipeline report and also shows that 15 percent of teachers in Idaho leave after their first year.

KMVT decided to take a look at what's being done to stop teachers from leaving.

The College of Southern Idaho is working on curbing that number by offering a mentorship program. This comes after the Idaho State Board of Education moved to adopt statewide mentoring standards.

Christina Linder, the director of alternative authorizations at CSI, explained what the program does.

“So our new program at CSI is basically trying to really address the issue particularly in Region 4, where the highest teacher retention problems exist,” Linder stated.

Region 4, includes Twin Falls, Cassia and Lincoln counties.

Linder also said that by working with the candidates and the districts and providing really solid mentoring, she feels that they will see a big difference in how many teachers stay.

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