Commonly overlooked mineral deficiency study results released

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Cold weather and lack of sun can bring on more than seasonal depression. Decreased exposure to the sun can result in a Vitamin D deficiency.

KMVT’s Morgan Rumpf explores what else could be an overlooked problem.

If you're physician has told you you're Vitamin D deficient you're not alone according to a new study released by Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

"Up to 40% of the US population are Vitamin D deficient. But more importantly 80% they found are magnesium deficient. And one cannot work well without the other,” shared St. Luke’s Magic Valley Quick Care Physician Martha Taylor.

Dr. Taylor also explained without proper levels of magnesium no extra Vitamin D supplements will raise blood rates.

“The big sources for magnesium are bananas, avocados, and whole wheat type enriched flour,” Dr. Taylor said. “So if you go with a refined flour which a lot of people do for cooking, you're not going to get that magnesium. So most of the time it has to come in a separate vitamin type of supplement unless you're a big fan of bananas and avocados and things like that. Vitamin D again can come so in a fatty fish as is a magnesium so the bottom line is eat your avocados and fish and that will help tremendously.”

Symptoms for these deficiencies include excess fatigue, muscle weakness, migraines, high blood pressure and muscle cramping. Neither of these deficiencies are self-diagnosable. If you're concerned for your health schedule an appointment with your physician.

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