Community comes together to help terminally ill Twin Falls woman

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The Twin Falls community is coming together to help send a sick Twin Falls woman on her dream vacation.

Friends are supporting their friend Janetta Rodasta with a car wash to send her on her dream trip.

It's easy to see Jannetta Rodasta has people who care about her.

“She's just became one of our family, my girls love her so much, we all love her so much. She's like our friend, who's a family member, but you don't need the blood connection,” stated Rodasta’s friend Erika Borgholthaus.

Not just friends, but those she's helped through her organization, like Camilla Hunt, 2nd Chance Transitional House for Women, a clean and sober home that helps women adjust to life.

“Janetta is awesome, she's definitely outgoing, she's willing to step op to the plate and help people she always has a positive attitude, regardless of what she's going through. She always is there for us, never hesitates to be the first one to ask of if we need anything. She's just an absolute amazing woman,” Hunt stated.

Those who know Jannetta, describe her as humble.
“I don't get breaks very often, but I don't know that I deserve... I just feel like ... I have a duty in life and I do it,” Rodasta states.

She suffers from polycystic kidney disease.

The disease is terminal for Rodasta.

So her friends and family are teaming up to send her on the trip of a lifetime, a cruise, to Costa Rica.

Borgholthaus explained how they came up with the idea.

“I have 4 girls, and they love Janetta a lot. And we have been trying to help get donations for second chance, and they said to me one day, mom we want to do a car wash for Janetta so that we can help her and they came up with the idea that maybe we should send her on a trip. You know, she's sick, and she needs to be able to go enjoy life. And we had been with her on her birthday and she mentioned she would like to go to the rain forest, and she loves animals. And it was just on our mind and on our heart,” Borgholthaus stated.

Rodasta will also be going to the San Diego Zoo, where she'll be able to pet her favorite animals.

A car wash is going to be held Saturday September 7, from 10 until 2 at DL Evans bank on Blue Lakes, to help send Jannetta on her trip.