Community members rescue dog found with severe injuries

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JEROME, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) A dog named Sage is recovering after it may have been attacked by a wild animal at the Devil's Corral in Jerome.

A dog found injured at Devil's Corral in Jerome on Saturday (submitted photo).

The dog was rescued by volunteers with Friends Furever Animal Rescue on Saturday. Tami Betancourt has volunteered with the nonprofit organization for the past three years, this was her first rescue attempt. She said the dog was covered in blood at the site.

"Breathing heavily with labored breathing," Betancourt said. "We were all kind of at a loss. I'd never done it before or even rescued one before."

Betancourt and other volunteers were able to transport the dog to Sawtooth Veterinary Hospital in Jerome. The veterinarian's office told volunteers Sage could of been attacked by a coyote.

"She was punctured I guess around the neck area and her arm, elbow they had grabbed hold of it and pulled. She was fighting," Betancourt said.

In these types of incidents, the organization relies heavily on community donations to help with the veterinary bills.

"Some folks believe our vets should do it for free, but they're a business," Wright said.

Wright said they do sometimes struggle raising money but he knows the community will contribute in ways they can.

"Sometimes it takes a bit more than other times, but under situations like these, we're just blessed that we have so many supporters to help out," Wright said.

Sage might have a broken leg and estimated to cost between $800 to $1,000. The organization is asking for donations to help with Sage's care.

The community can call 208-731-4459 for donation and volunteer inquiries.

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