Computer Science Week: Wood River Middle highlights Hour of Code

HAILEY, IDAHO (KMVT/KSVT) — Across the Gem State, schools are embracing Computer Science Week and the Blaine County District is making sure their students take an interest in an Hour of Code.

At Wood River Middle School, students can participate in computer coding, including using "Little Bitz" where students can create circuits and have them move by coding on a computer.

There's also unplugged coding, where students can learn the algorithm of coding on a sheet of paper.

Susan Taborboesch, a teacher librarian, said she's gone to workshops through the Idaho Commission for Libraries where she learned more about coding and has passed on resources to students and teachers.

Taborboesch hopes each student can learn something new about coding.

"I also hoped they just have a little dabble in coding so they know what it is helps them understand what they're looking at in a computer screen, games, websites all those things require coding so it gives them a little deeper understanding of that technology," Taborboesch said.

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