Con Paulos Chevrolet spends the day teaching children about health and safety

JEROME, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The 23rd annual Con Paulos Chevrolet Health and Safety Day took place Saturday at Con Paulos in Jerome.

Cole Hoffman from Jerome Fire talks to KMVT about what they were teaching at the health and safety day.

"We clear off our inventory and open up our location," said the owner Con Paulos. "To every organization that has an interest in helping educate kids about how to be safe and how to be healthy."

From Idaho State Police to the Idaho Transportation Department and the BLM, local groups showed up with one goal in mind… helping the kids.

"We are all exposed to unsafe conditions today, and if you're educated, to think about it before you are exposed to it, you have a better chance of survival," Con Paulos said.

Jerome Fire Department was teaching the kids about their newest fire engine.

"Today’s kind of a fun deal, for where they can actually get in here, climb through the engines, check out our ladder truck look inside, look at our air pact, and ask us any questions," said firefighter Cole Hoffman.

And Idaho State Police was giving out police hats… with a bigger goal in mind.

"We want them to come to us when they need help and not just be scared, so they can come and get hats, and all that fun stuff," said Corporal Scott Bolen with the Idaho State Police.

Jerome fire agrees.

"Sometimes it probably looks a little scary with all our gear, and driving fast down the road with our lights flashing. It’s a good time to show them that we’re regular people. We are here to help you, and kind of show them some of the stuff we have to help when there are car accidents. It's all to help people and get them out, so it’s pretty cool to get them more familiar with it," said Hoffman.

Con Paulos Chevrolet partnered with many local organizations to put this event on.

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