Convenience store releases warning about solar eclipse glasses

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - "It's a big deal, it's something everybody's talking about," said Jessica Sena, a Twin Falls resident.

The great american solar eclipse will happen in less than 24 hours and everyone is scrambling to get last minute preparations.

"We're thinking about it," she said.

But some people who bought their viewing glasses weeks ago are now rethinking using them.

"With all the talk and stuff nowadays you can never be too sure," Sena said.

Oasis Stop 'n Go, a convenience store based in the Magic Valley, sold out of their solar eclipse viewing glasses more than a week ago, but Saturday these signs showed up on doors and registers at all of their locations.

The letter reads," late Friday August 18th we were advised by the supplier of our eclipse glasses that customers are recommended not to use the product."

It goes on to say that while the supplier was assured the glasses met standards, out of an abundance of caution they wanted to do more testing, but with the eclipse just a day away they don't have time.

The CEO of the company Troy Willie sent KMVT an email stating that he had the glasses independently tested and certified for solar viewing.

"I requested this in early August when there were questions about the safety of products, so I could feel confident in the product we were selling," he said.

Despite their confidence, management of the company felt they needed to pass on the information to the customers and are offering a full refund to anyone who wants to return their glasses by Monday.

Something customers said they appreciated.

"It's really cool that they offer that for people that don't you know, don't want to take that chance," Sena said.

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