Coronavirus pandemic creates perfect storm for scammers

Coronavirus pandemic creates perfect storm for scammers (Source: KMVT)

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) This cornoavirus pandemic may be creating the perfect storm for scammers to take advantage of consumers. .

The Better Business Bureau tells KMVT that con artists and scammers prey on emotion, and during these uncertain times, it gives them an opportunity to use the stress that the public is currently under to their advantage in several ways.

Experts say the best thing to do is just do your research and to make sure any number that is calling you or link you are clicking on is reliable.

"If you do know a senior citizen, who may be alone and may be answering that phone, give them a call and let them know to be very weary of it, and to not to be giving out their information or to not be giving money to those calling or contacting them," said Jeremy Johnson with the BBB.

Unfortunately the BBB says that the senior citizen population is who they see being taken advantage of the most, and to always be weary of who people give their personal information out to.

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