Twin Falls County Jail takes precautions to keep out coronavirus

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) As concerns rapidly grow pertaining to the coronavirus, some may be wondering what is being done to keep the virus from spreading within our local jails.

Coronavirus precautions taken in Twin Falls County Jail (Jake Manuel Brasil KMVT/KSVT)

KMVT went to the the Twin Falls County Jail to speak with officials regarding what necessary steps they are taking to minimize the chance of spreading COVID-19 among its nearly 300 inmates.

"That virus is probably going to remain outside that building," said Capt. Doug Hughes, jail administrator. "I think we jumped on this pretty quickly, even before there was other shut downs and stuff, we stepped up our cleaning and health assessments."

Apart from increasing cleaning and doing health assessments, the jail has also suspended programming, such as GED classes and work release. New inmates are screened for symptoms, the public lobby has also been closed. Visiting is now done online, lastly inmates showing symptoms are isolated and examined.

Twin Falls County Commissioner Don Hall was also at the courthouse Wednesday morning. KMVT spoke with him and he wants to remind the community to be neighborly.

"First, I just want to tell folks that we have plenty of groceries," Hall said. "We have a supply chain in this county that is unparalleled with any other county, so they need to take to heart with that. I just want to encourage folks, just think about when you buy your items, just buy what is appropriate for your family, and keep in mind if you buy to much that means your neighbor can't get those supplies."

Commissioner Hall also told KMVT about his positive outlook during this stressful pandemic.

"Will get through this," he said. "This is a strong community with great resources available, within the county within the cities, within the school districts. We are all coming together within in our hospitals, our medical facilities, we are all coming together, and we will get through this."

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