Crews rescue man who drove into canyon

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(KMVT/KSVT) — Emergency responders worked to rescue a man who got stuck on the north side of the Snake River Canyon in Jerome County early Monday morning.

Image from video taken by KMVT's Walker Ostler.

Earlier the Jerome County Sheriff's Department engaged in a pursuit of a man driving a vehicle just over the Perrine Bridge, in Jerome County.

The man then drove down into the canyon near Golf Course Road, where he then crashed his car and had to be rescued from the canyon.

A rappel team was sent and tried to lift the man out.

Crews on scene were overheard saying that the process would be slow-going due to the brush in the way.

The Jerome County Sheriff's Office said it hasn't officially charged the man with anything because he has been in the hospital since the rescue, but charges will likely include a felony eluding arrest charge and other misdemeanor charges.

The Jerome County sergeant said the man is from the Castleford/Buhl area and likely didn't realize he was driving into the canyon when he did so.

The man is on parole for previous involvement with the law, and deputies said that may have played a role in why he ran. At this time they don't believe alcohol was a factor in the chase.

KMVT will update this story when more information becomes available.

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