Twin Falls DMV licensing office closes amid pandemic

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The Twin Falls Department of Motor Vehicles licensing office has now shut down in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Twin Falls County's Department of Motor Vehicles licensing office closes amid COVID-19 pandemic (Jake Manuel Brasil KMVT/KSVT)

They plan to to be shut down for the next two weeks, after not allowing many of their staff who they deemed vulnerable to the virus not allowed to work.

The licensing office in the Department of Motor Vehicles is run by the Twin Falls County Sheriff"s Office. While the auto licensing office, which at this point plans to say open, is run by the Twin Falls Assessor's Office.

The Idaho Transportation Department has also announced a 90-day extension on some expiring credentials.

Anyone whose driver's license will expire from March 1 to May 31, will have until June 30 to renew their driver's license.

If a person is age 65 or older and need to renew their license, they will have to the end of July to get that done.

"And essentially, since we are down at half staff, we are kind of done. We can't support the community," said Lt. Doug Sugden with Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office. "People come in and we handle all of their documents their driver's license, birth certificates, everything, so they have been talking about washing hands now for two weeks and that's all we do is handle stuff with out hands."

The public is also encouraged to use the DMV's online services. People can also call the licensing office if they have any questions.

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