Day Trippin: The Gooding Basque Festival

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Day Trippin’ brought to you by Jack's Tire and Oil and Let’s Ride Suzuki.

On this week’s Day Trippin’, it’s all about the 35th Annual Gooding County Basque Festival. The Basque people are known for throwing a fun party, with great food and a variety of Basque customs, games and competitions. There also will be a mass service presented in the Basque language on Sunday in Gooding.

The Gooding Basque Center is at the junction of Idaho Highway 46 and U.S. Highway 26. Lunch includes delicious lamb chops and pulled pork along with Basque beans, rice, bread wine and beverages.

For the kids, tug-of-war and a weight carrying competition. The men carry a ball that weighs 104 pounds while the women carry a ball that weighs 52 pounds. The competitors lift the weight over their shoulder and go as far as they can before they can't carry it anymore.

The Basque people settled in southern Idaho in the late 1800s and early 1900s to get work as sheep herders. Some of them went on to own their own sheep ranching operations.

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